Our Fields of Treatment

Our therapists assess, diagnose and effectively treat pain, improve movement and prevent the problem reoccurring. We will listen to your situation and work with you to prepare a treatment plan, selecting techniques most beneficial to your needs. These include careful mobilization and manipulation, electrotherapy, specific postural and ergonomic advice. We also advise you on the education around your condition and how you can help aid your recovery. 

We will carefully show you exercises to do at home between treatments as research shows these help the outcome of your treatment. The number of sessions you need will depend on the severity of your condition and commitment to home exercises given by your therapist.


Sports, home and work accidents, medical conditions including arthritis & musculoskeletal conditions

(ACC and Private)

An injury constitutes any pain or dysfunction resulting from an external force no matter where or how it occurs within your home, work or the sports field.

Our physios also provide fully funded gym based rehabilitation programs for ACC rehab programs including SAWs and Pain Programs.

Breathing Problems & Stress Management

Respiratory, asthma and bronchial

Many people assume that Physiotherapy is the last thing a person with respiratory problems should do. The opposite is in fact true. Proper breathing technique is an important part of most physical therapies and physical training in general.

Physiotherapists can assess how you breathe and how this can be improved, advise on exercises to improve lung function or clear secretions.

Children's Health

There are certain health problems that affect children at different times in their lives. Physiotherapy can help.

Beyond broken bones, there are certain health problems that specifically affect children and

require specialised physiotherapy.

Early diagnosis of fine and gross motor skills can result in deficiencies being addressed early on and effective treatment commenced.

Older People's Health

There are certain health problems that affect older people's health. Physiotherapy can help.

Our physiotherapists have the required knowledge in respiratory care, orthopaedics, neurology, medicine together with awareness of psycho-social aspects that are essential to ensure a holistic, patient-centred approach. 

We see patients in our Outpatient Clinic and Exercise Studio, including our quarterly Keeping the Balance exercise course. We also see our patients in their own homes as the need arises.

Sports Physiotherapy

For all sports related injuries and their prevention

Our physios are able to provide sports specific treatment and rehabilitation and injury prevention education. They will work with you to optimise recovery time for return to sport and enhance your sport and functional performance. Aligned with this they also provide weekend strapping clinics. 

Walking Aid Assessment

For all ages

Walking aids can assist with balance, reduce fatigue or pain and facilitate a safe walking pattern. Various sizes and styles are available and selection should be made based on the person’s abilities, needs, environment and body shape. It is important that walking aids are purchased or adjusted to the correct height and size. It is best to seek advice and training from a health professional before making a selection. 

Waiheke Physio are registered assessors and are able to provide assessment and complete the application to the Ministry of Health for the funding of mobility aids for you. 


Home and Office Workstation Set Up

The total economic cost of work-related injuries and illnesses is estimated to be in the high millions of dollars bracket. Recent research has shown that lower back pain is the world’s most common work-related disability – affecting employees from offices, building sites and in the highest risk category, agriculture.

Ergonomics aims to create safe, comfortable and productive work-spaces by bringing human abilities and limitations into the design of a work-space, including the individual’s body size, strength, skill, speed, sensory abilities (vision, hearing), and even attitudes. 


A Pain Relief Alternative

Traditional Chinese acupuncture is a 3000 year old tried and tested system of medicine proven to be effective in providing pain relief in conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, whiplash etc. 

Physiotherapists trained in acupuncture and recognised by AACP (Acupunture Association of Chartered Physiotherapist) will be offering this service. 

This could be used on its own or incorporated with Physiotherapy depending on condition and individual preferences.

PINC Cancer Rehabilitation Program

Well-being for women diagnosed with cancer

The PINC Cancer Rehabilitation Program is dedicated to improving the strength, quality of life and sense of well-being of women diagnosed with cancer. It is specifically designed to help maximise recovery, regain physical and emotional strength, improve body confidence and control.

The Program is delivered by certified PINC Cancer Rehab Physiotherapists and provides a full range of services designed to care, support and guide women through every stage of their treatment and recovery.

Funding is available by completing the application form on the PINCandSTEEL website: